All Charm • No Harm

How to use

The Product

Have you ever thought about embellishing items, such as accessories, home decor, or clothing?  Maybe customizing your favorite pair of boots, a handbag, lampshade, and the like?  But your only options up until now, have been permanent, messy, impossible to wear against your skin, or can cause damage.

Well not any more!  Introducing “Ultimate Design Tape”.  This patent-pending, new and innovative product lets you personalize, and create charms by converting pins, patches, appliqués, jewelry, or you can simply make your own with just about any item with a surface, to embellish and decorate without any mess, damage or discomfort.  It’s also the connection to hold them in place.  The foam rubber gives you flexibility and convenience, while the strong neodymium magnets give you strength and confidence that your design will stay in place, even on suede, leather, and other heavy materials and surfaces, and can be easily removed to change the look as often as you like.  

The possibilities are infinite with this first of it’s kind, two-in-one tape.  With adhesive on one side, it allows you to make the charm with your desired object/item, (you can also glue the piece of tape to said item for an even more permanent hold) while the non adhesive side acts as the connection to hold in place.  It is also perforated for convenience, and can be easily cut or trimmed for a custom size fit.  I’ve taken the frustration and inconvenience out of using single magnets, and created this product for a simple, and easy solution to permanent placement.  This is the first magnetic tape product of it’s kind. 

Up until now, you wouldn’t want to wear something that is uncomfortable, or chance ruining a beloved item simply because it wasn’t practical, comfortable or easy to change the look, but now you can!  So go ahead and embellish away.  Redesign that expensive handbag that you wouldn’t dare think of damaging, or how about a fur coat (I prefer faux, hope all of you do, too), change up a lampshade, personalize curtains, jazz up a picture or wall hanging.  It’s so easy to make a statement and add design elements to just about anything.  It’s also a great way to repurpose old items such as old jewelry, trinkets, treasures, and give them new life.  It really is so simple and fun to use, and even more fun to wear. 

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