All Charm • No Harm

FAQ & Answers


What is UDT?

It is a flexible foam adhesive tape with extra strength magnets that allows you to take an object, trinket, appliqué, pin, patch, jewelry, and the like, by attaching a piece to it, to make it a charm, while another piece connects it to fabrics, textiles, and surfaces without damage, being uncomfortable, or making a mess.  It’s the first two-in-one product of it’s kind. 

How do I use? 

  1. Unroll the tape, choose size and strength of magnet and tear off (perforated in between magnets for convenience, you may also want to cut or trim to customize the fit) 
  2. Peel off adhesive liner, attach to the object/item you want to make a charm, you can also choose to use an epoxy glue for a more permanent hold, especially on smaller and more intricate items
  3. Tear off second piece corresponding to size and strength and simply place under, or behind the object to act as the connection to the fabric or surface you want to embellish (no need to peel off the liner of the connection piece, as the pull/force will hold in place         
  4. You can also watch the quick "How it Works" video on The Product page


 All orders will be shipped free within a 1-3 day window, and sent via USPS 1st Class Mail.  If you would like it sooner, email me with your order number, and I will absolutely make that happen.   U.S. shipping only, for now.  


If your product is defective, you can return within 7 days for a full refund.  If you are unhappy with your purchase for reasons that can possibly be fixed, email me, let’s walk through it together.  If you’re still unhappy, no problem, you’ll just pay shipping.

Ways to Create

There are so many fun ways to use.  If you click the "Get Social" icon, you’ll see pictures, ideas, and lots of inspiration.  I want all of you to be interactive, and to be a part of my creative community.   You can also follow us on most Social Media platforms.  


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UDT Specs

Two feet of tape (24”)
12 magnets, perforated in between
4 each of 3 different sizes/strengths
Make and connect 6 charms|appliqués|items, or you just may need the 12 magnets for already connectable items|surfaces.

How strong and secure is UDT?

The tape is industrial strength, be mindful of the surface you’re applying it to.  You also have the option of removing the magnet from the tape and gluing it. I also recommend that you use the most powerful magnet as the connection for a more secure hold, especially on shoes, suede or leather, and any valuables.  The magnets are extremely strong, but please be aware that some movement may happen due to excessive motion.

Heart Concerns

The magnets may interfere with the operation of pacemakers and other cardiovascular machinery, please consult your physician before using UDT.

Prop 65

⚠️ WARNING: This product may expose you to chemicals including Nickel, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information, please go to

Remove UDT on items before washing or cleaning, and DO NOT use on, or place near heat.

Keep out of reach of children.