All Charm • No Harm


About Me

I’m Jody

The Creative, and Boss Behind the Brand

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been creative, and a bit obsessed with fashion, as well as the whole design process.  From winning awards in school art class, making my home a place I always want to be, putting outfits together for me and my friends while adding my own spin, raiding my Mom’s closet, dreaming of the day it all fit.  It was no accident that I ended up getting paid to make sales in the fashion industry.  I’d say I have a keen eye for what looks good, and a well-rounded aesthetic that’s a mix of everything hip and cool.  That said, I am also a believer that design and creativity are subjective.

“Ultimate Design Tape” was developed with this in mind.  It came to me as I was sketching my dream pair of boots with an embroidery design, and they happened to be suede.  I thought too bad this has to be permanent, and there must be another simpler way to embellish, fasten, and design without any damage, discomfort or making a mess, even on heavy duty fabric.  A lightbulb went off, as they say, and after countless hours of research, I realized there was nothing like this and got to work to solve this problem and create it myself.  I am taking my ten plus years of experience, my legit passion for all things fashion and design, my fierce belief that dreams can come true, my #girlboss mentality, and do what I was born to do, be an entrepreneur, and run my own company.

Through this entire process, I can honestly say that I’m most excited to give other people a new way to create, inspire and connect.  It is vital for our well-being, and so good for our souls.  I have big plans for, and want this Brand to evoke not just creativity, inspiration and connection, but also kindness, sharing, giving, being mindful, and most of all, helping others.  I am profoundly grateful that you are reading this, and want to thank you for being a part of my journey.  


We all have the ability to do good, give back, help and support each other, and be kind.  I deeply believe it’s more organic when we’re doing things we love, and enjoy!  So here’s to being Magnetic, and being the Charm we want to see in this World. 

Peace, love, and happy creating,